Understanding Meditation And Concentration

The ability to concentrate is not something to feel blessed about. It is a frozen state of mind, a very narrow state of mind. Useful, of course, useful — for others. Useful in scientific inquiry, useful in business, useful in the market, useful in politics — but absolutely useless for yourself. If you become too attuned with concentration you will become very, very tense. Concentration is a tense state of mind; you will never be relaxed. Concentration is like a torch, focused, and consciousness is like a lamp, unfocused.

My whole effort here is to teach you consciousness, not concentration. And this is the point to be remembered: if you become conscious, any moment you want to concentrate on a particular problem, you can. It is not a problem. But if you become too focused with concentration the vice versa is not true: you cannot relax. A relaxed mind can always concentrate. easily, there is no trouble about it. But a focused mind becomes obsessed. narrow. It is not easy for it to relax and leave the tension. It remains tense.

Meditation will allow you to concentrate whenever the need arises

If you meditate. first concentration will disappear and you will be feeling a little at a loss. But if you go on, by and by you will attain to an unfocused state of light — that’s what meditation is. Once meditation is attained. concentration is child’s play — whenever you need to, you can concentrate. There will be no problem about it and it will be easy and without any tension.

Right now, you are being used by society. Society wants efficient people. It is not worried about your soul, it is worried about your productivity. I am not worried about your productivity: man has already too much, more than he can enjoy — there is no need to go on producing more. Now there is more need to play around more and there is more need to be more conscious. Science has developed enough. Now, whatsoever science is doing is almost futile. Now, going to the moon is simply useless. But tremendous energy is wasted. Why? Because scientists are now obsessed — they have to do something. They have learned a trick of concentration and they have to do something. They have to produce, they have to go on producing something — they cannot relax. They will go to the moon, they will go to Mars, and they will persuade people that whatsoever they are doing is tremendously important. It is absolutely useless. But this happens.

Once you become trained in a certain thing, you go on in that line, blind, unless a cul de sac comes and you cannot go on anymore. But life is infinite. There comes no cul de sac. You can go on and on and on.
And now scientific activity has almost become ridiculous.

Religious activity is totally different. It is not worried about being more efficient; the whole point is how to be more joyful, how to be more celebrating. So if you be with me, by and by, concentration will relax. And in the beginning you will feel afraid because you will see your skill disappearing, your efficiency disappearing. You will feel you are losing something that you have gained with so much effort. In the beginning it will happen. The ice is melting and becoming water. The ice was solid, something concentrated; now it is water — loose, relaxed, flowing in all directions. But anytime you need ice, the water can be turned into ice again. There is no problem — just a little more cooling is needed.

This is my own experience. Whatsoever I say, I say from my own experience — the same has happened to me. First, concentration disappeared; but now I can concentrate on anything. There is no problem. But I don’t remain in concentration; I can concentrate and relax — whenever the need arises. Just as whenever the need arises, you walk; you don’t sit on the chair and go on moving your Legs. There are a few people who go on moving because they cannot sit relaxed — you will call this man restless!
Legs in perfect order are needed so that whenever you need to, you can walk, you can run. But when there Is no need, you can relax, and the legs will no longer be functioning.

But your concentration has become almost as focused as if you are continuously preparing for an Olympic Runners in an Olympic cannot relax. They have to run a particular amount every morning and evening; they are continuously on the go. If they relax for a few days they will lose their skill. But I call all Olympics political, ambitious, foolish. There is no need.

Competition is foolish. There is no need. If you enjoy running — perfectly good. Run. and enjoy. But why compete? What is the point of competition? Competition brings illness, unhealthiness; competition brings jealousy, and a thousand and one diseases.

Meditation will allow you to concentrate whenever the need arises, but if there is no need you will remain relaxed, flowing in all directions like water.
Feel blissful, blessed. What is the point of uttering logical sentences! Utter nonsense; make sounds, gibberish, like birds… Like trees! (At this moment a nearby tree decided, with the help of a passing breeze, to illustrate Osho’s words by shaking its branches and causing hundreds of leaves to fall with loud rustling sounds to the ground.) Look! This way! Is this logical? The tree is enjoying. Delighting. Simply shedding away the past.

Delight. Sing. Utter sounds. Forget all logic! And by and by you will become more alive. Less logical of course that is the price one has to pay — but you become dead if you become more logical and you become more alive if you become less logical.
Life is the goal, not logic. What are you going to do with logic? If you are hungry, logic is not going to feed you; if you need love, logic is not going to hug you; if you are thirsty, logic will tell you that water is H20! It is not going to give you water, real water. No. It simply functions in formulas, maxims.

Look at life, and by and by you will understand that life has its own very logical logic. Be attuned to it and that will become the door for your ecstasy, samadhi, nirvana.

OSHO – Ancient Music in the Pines, Chapter 8

Copyright © 2010 Osho International Foundation


12 responses to “Understanding Meditation And Concentration

  1. MEDITATION has ALWAYS given ME inner STRENGTH…..that MY whole EXISTENCE z NOT to GO with THE wordly FLOW but TO create MY own DIVINE flow…..FOR me MEDITATION z LIFE else EVERYTHING z LIVED by AN alive CORPSE

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks. But i am not able to meditate for long time. Any suggestion?

  4. osho

  5. So should we give up looking for a job? How do you pay your bill if you are not a monk? If I give up the game, I will loose my life as it is now (my boyfriend, my friends, my apartment) and soon become homeless…. The job world is only about competition… How do you do to be a spirit caught in a materiaslitic world? Can anyone help me ?

    • You can hold your inner buddah and also be a master in the world of career, relationship and all the outer influences that pull us from our centre. You can have it all.

      Check out the free talks of an enlightened disciple of Osho, Master Dhyan Vimal who has been my teacher for the past three years.

      Blessings to you,


    • The whole message of osho is to be in the world and be mindful or conscious, alert, aware….the world will always be the same…you can only change your consciousness….and not by being a monk! An hour of meditation a day is enough to start you on the path…please go to http://www.osho. com and click on meditation….and just get the cd’s and start the meditations in your own home….and you are on your way to becoming a watcher in your daily life……….love

  6. clara elvira rodriguez


  7. Meditation is like go back and been a child once again , and to not pay attention to things that they are not important for our soul ans free spirit…enjoying every moment of our every day and not wanting to end it …is giving love to our world around us…forgiving the ignorance of our relatives and friends and not taking ofensive words to siriously or personal …concentrate in the beauty of god´s creation…and realizing that we are part of it. love everybody , trust a few and don´t do bad to nobody…now you can take it from here…

  8. I notice as I go about my daily life the worried expressions on peoples faces. So preoccupied, tense. These people ask me ‘what are you doing’? ‘What are you acheiving’? I opted out of this way of life a long time ago. It is hard at times, especially when you are travelling in the opposite direction to most people. Western Society is obsessed with money! It seems as though the whole world has been turned into a ‘bank account’. This is no way to live. No wander there is so much mental and emotional unhappiness. Thank you OSHO for reminding us that we are not the insane ones, and we have no need to feel guilty for working to free ourselves from this material nightmare!!!

  9. I am discovering meditation. i’ve not gone very far but the little I did helped me a lot. it’s helping me everyday.. thanks existence. but I used to have psychiatric problems. abandoning the Idea of logic creates fear in me.. “Forget all logic! And by and by you will become more alive. Less logical of course that is the price one has to pay” is there something to fear.. ?

  10. …Soothing Discource OSHO:

    Something in the Winters’ Learned My Name
    And It’s Telling Me that Things are Not the Same
    Not A Cloud in the Sky, Got the Sun in my Eyes
    And I Won’t Be Surprised if it Carrying OSHO into the Afterlife

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