What’s Sex Got To Do With It?

If you repress sex you will become angry; the whole energy that was becoming sex will become anger. And it is better to be sexual than to be angry. In sex at least there is something of love; in anger there is only pure violence and nothing else. If sex is repressed, the person becomes violent — either to others he will be violent, or to himself. These are the two possibilities: either he will become a sadist and will torture others, or he will become a masochist and will torture himself. But torture he will.

Do you know, down the ages, the soldiers have not been allowed to have sexual relationships? Why? Because if soldiers are allowed to have sexual relationships they don’t gather enough anger in them, enough violence in them. Their sex becomes a release, they become soft, and a soft person cannot fight. Starve the soldier of sex and he is bound to fight better. In fact, his violence will be a substitute for his sexuality….

I pulled back my sexual longings,
and now I discover that I’m angry a lot.


A great observer he is, a very minute observer. This is what awareness is. He is watching: he represses his sexual desire and watches — “Now what is happening inside?” Soon he finds that he becomes more angry — for no reason at all, just angry, irritated, ready to fight with anybody, any excuse will do.

And remember, sex can be transformed because it is a natural energy; anger is not so natural, one step removed from nature. Now it will be difficult to change anger. First anger will have to be changed into sex, only then can anything be done — that’s what my work here is. And that’s what I am being condemned for all over the world.

I am trying to change your anger into sex — first that has to be done. That is the way of inner change. First all your perversions have to disappear, and you have to become a natural human being. You have to become a natural animal, to be exact. And then only can you become divine. The animal can be transformed into the divine, but your animal is also very perverted, your animal is not sane — your animal has become insane. First the insanity has to be transformed, changed. Change anger!

I gave up rage, and now I notice
that I am greedy all day.

So he repressed his anger — that’s what one will logically do. You repress sex, anger bubbles up; you repress anger. But he is a close observer, a very minute observer. He says: The moment I repressed my anger I became greedy.

This too is proved: if you watch human history you will find a thousand and one proofs for it. For example, in India Mahavira taught non-violence, and the result has been that all the followers of Mahavira became the most greedy people in the world — they are the Jews of India. The Jainas are the Jews of India. Why did they become so greedy?

Mahavira taught them to be non-violent. Obviously, they started repressing anger; that is the only way that seems possible to the stupid mind: Repress anger! Don’t be violent. And they tried really hard; in every possible way they tried not to be violent. They even stopped agriculture because it is a kind of violence: you will have to pull the plants and cut the crop, and that is violence because plants have life. So Jainas stopped agriculture completely.

Now, they cannot go to the army, they cannot be kshatriyas — they cannot become warriors — because of their ideology of non-violence, and they cannot even be agriculturalists, gardeners; that is impossible. They would not like to become sudras — the untouchables — who clean the roads, the sweepers and the cobblers, because that is too humiliating. And brahmins won’t allow them to function as brahmins — brahmins are very jealous about that. They have been in power for centuries and they don’t allow anybody: nobody can become a brahmin; one has to be a brahmin only by birth. You may become a great, learned man — that doesn’t matter — but you can’t be a Brahmin. There is no way of becoming a brahmin; you have to be born one only. You have to be very careful when you choose your parents; that is the only opportunity to become a brahmin.

So Jainas could not be brahmins, would not like to become sudras were not able to become warriors — then what was left for them? Only business — they became business people. And all their repressed anger became their greed. They became great money-maniacs. Their number is very small; in India their number is so small, not more than thirty lakhs. In a country of sixty crores thirty lakhs is nothing. But they possess more money than anybody else. You will not find a Jaina beggar anywhere; they are all rich people.

Mahavira wanted them to be non-violent, and what really happened was totally different: they became greedy. Repress your anger and you will be greedy….

I worked hard at dissolving the greed,
and now I am proud of myself.

So he repressed his greed and the ultimate result is: he has become a great egoist; he finds himself being very proud. “Look! I have repressed sex, repressed anger, repressed greed — I have done this, I have done that. I have done impossible things!” Now a great ‘I’ arises, the ego becomes strengthened.

That’s why you will find the most crystallized egos in the monks and the nuns. You will not find such crystallized egos anywhere else. The more a person renounces, the more he represses, the more egoistic he becomes. Indians are very egoistic and the reason? — they have all tried in some way or other to be religious. And the only way seems to be repression — and repression brings ego.

A non-repressed person becomes a non-egoist; he cannot carry the ego. There is no prop to support it. He becomes humble, he becomes simple, he becomes ordinary, he has no claim — he knows he is nothing. This whole process that Kabir is describing is beautiful.

Repression is not the way: transformation is the way. Don’t repress anything. If sexuality is there, don’t repress it otherwise you will create a new complexity — which will be more difficult to tackle. And if you repress anger, greed is even more difficult then, and if you repress greed, arises ego, pride, which is the most difficult thing to drop.

Move back: from pride to greed, from greed to anger, from anger to sex. And if you can come to the natural, spontaneous sexuality, things will be very simple. Things will be so simple that you cannot imagine. Then your energy is natural, and natural energy creates no hindrance in transformation. Hence I say: from sex to superconsciousness. Not from anger, not from greed, not from ego, but from sex to superconsciousness.

The transformation can happen only if first you accept your natural being. Whatsoever is natural is good. Yes, more is possible, but the more will be possible only if you accept your nature with totality — if you welcome it, if you have no guilt about it. To be guilty, to feel guilty, is to be irreligious. In the past you have been told just the opposite: Feel guilty and you are religious. I say to you: Feel guilty and you will never be religious. Drop all guilt!

You are whatsoever God has made you. You are whatsoever existence has made you. Sex is not your creation: it is God’s gift. Something tremendously valuable is hidden in it — it is just a shell of your samadhi. If the seed is broken, the shell is broken, the flower will bloom — but not by repression. You will have to learn inner gardening, you will have to become a gardener, you will have to learn how to use dirty fertilizers, manure, and transform manure into roses.

Religion is the most delicate art.

OSHO, The Fish in the Sea Is Not Thirsty, Talk #13
To read more on this subject go to OSHO library

Copyright © 2010 Osho International Foundation


54 responses to “What’s Sex Got To Do With It?

  1. Wow! what a fantastic insight! and I am so glad that I have read this, because it explains much of what I have been going through in my personal life, and why.
    Osho..he is the best thing in my life, and I am so happy and grateful to have found this loving person and all the wisdom that lives on.

  2. i feel jealous of osho; how the hell can he think so correctly! 🙂

  3. Vijaykumar Achary

    He is absolutely right!! Master of thoughts!!

    • I seen you’ve lot of repression, lot of anger and frustration….
      Get in and see where you are and you’ll finally find the true you!!

  4. Thanks for the great post. I have not seen a man with so many ideas in harmony with each other 🙂

  5. It’s so wonderful when you read something that rings so true.

  6. You talk about reducing violence. I have to say I could do without the perpetuation of the myth of the ‘greedy jew’. That is an idea that we all need to stop spreading around – it just leads to hate, which leads some to violence. Take responsibility for your words. They can and do have an influence on people. The rest of what you have to say has merit, I’ll grant you, but you lost me the moment you digressed to share your inner hated of jews. I myself was raised as what I call a ‘casual Christian’.

  7. What does a person who does not have anyone to have sex with do?

  8. Jeanne Lichterman

    Jews are greedy? Excuse me, Osho? Well, at least something good comes out of this comment–it’s a harsh reminder that everyone needs to be taken with a grain of salt, even (or especially) someone with the large following that Osho has.

    It scary to look at those who revere Osho unquestioningly–letting their personal morality be raped by another guru.

    • i’m a jew and im not offended. Merely pointing out that some jews tended towards greed is not racist or antisemetic. That came from your own heads.

  9. simply superb nats off to osho such a great man…… So much true

  10. tell me more about sex.pastlife.money

  11. Thanks a lot OSHO….ut the Best

  12. Yah! it feels so true his teachings… its feels so right but when you follow it , you feel at point of time full of suffering….fill of fight inside…. repression.

  13. Now I know why OSHO is so popular in the west. Because he told western people what they want to hear. If doing sex instead of repressing it, really would lead to nonegoistic actions, western people must be angels, but the truth is on the contrary. Osho is one good example of a man who became named a guru in the west, but really never was.
    Of course, sexuality is not bad generally, but if one does indulge it, because he/she doesn’d want to be angry, he/she never will reach a higher level in spirituality, like samadhi or even dyhana. I don’t know even one man or woman, yogi or not who has reached something spirituality by following Oshos statements. No wonder that wasn’t his intentions.

    • have u ever heard the name vajrayana tantra…..there are linease of tibetian monks who teach tantric sex to samadhi …..it was started by lord shiva himself……….there are machendra nath goraknath who are the greatest living yogies who reached greatest spritual heights…………..

  14. Beautiful insight, beautiful video, thank you
    I’m amazed at some of the judgmental comments however, please people look at yourselves, watch your own tortured mental process and stop condemning things you obviously don’t understand or have an openness for…Peace

  15. Osho is nice but I did not enjoy the hate speech towards jews. What’s that about?

  16. Miserable article!

    To clarify, I have nothing against sex, or expressing anger (as in war) etc. etc. I also find some of Osho’s teachings interesting and at times quite enlightening.

    However, this article hardly stands the test of elementary critical reasoning.

    For example, he has cited the instance of Jainies’ wealth as an evidence that renouncing anger leads to greed. This assertion has several problems:

    1. He assumes that not participating in war or agriculture is same as renunciation of anger. Does he mean that Jainies don’t get angry? Anger can be expressed in several ways: e.g. shouting at your servant/parent/spouse/kids. So does he imply that by not participating in “violent professions” all Jainies have renounced anger?

    2. Again, the assertion that suppression of anger leads to greed and expression of anger as a remedy to greed in itself is doubtful. Do all greedy people suppress anger? Or do all angry people renounce greed? I am sure just looking around yourself, you will get enough examples of people who are greedy as well as angry.

    3. Equating accumulated wealth to greed is another laughable assertion.The fact that Jainies are wealthy is a natural consequence of their profession. The fact that most Jainies are business people and traders, as against agriculturists or warriors, improves their odds of accumulating wealth. So here I can see a link between chosen profession and wealth. Will he bother to explain the link between greed and wealth? Not only is his assertion that business people are greedy laughable, it is also very dangerous. It totally ignores the value that baniyas, traders, capitalists have added to our society/economy over the ages. We have already witnessed the perils of the dark ages of socialism/communism when capitalists were a hated flock!

    On suppressing greed leading to pride: I find his observation that priests and nuns are generally so proud while others are not so, very doubtful. You will find many priests who aren’t so proud and many warriors who have big egos.Haven’t you heard of Ulysees or Alexander or our own Emperor Ashoka (before he renounced violence). Will he bother to present any statistical evidence to back his assertions?

    • mmmm..am I sensing anger and a touch of pride here in your comment…maybe read again…

    • I do appreciate your opinion on this article, I don’t agree 100% but I do agree with you more than I agree with Osho. There is more to this world and life than sex. If we could appreciate the small things in life and learn to enjoy our emotions, be them positive or negative rather than attempting to control them we might find things more easy going. Negativity is a void to be filled, we just need to learn how to keep ourselves satisfied. I think Osho was just looking for things to tell women so they would have sex with him.

  17. The great view about life,he know all thing how to leave peacefully,OSHO is great.How simply he has expressed the solutions for more and more complex things in our daily life.When i saw the world through the OSHO;s eyes i found this world very beautiful

  18. He visited this planet (earth)
    who was a encyclopedia in human form.

  19. i want see any msg in hindi what shell i do

  20. This doesn’t make much sense – and it’s racist. Why are you people cheering to these antisemitic words? Do you agree with them? Do you just not see them? Or do you chose to ignore them?

  21. good logic.. i definitely agree with the logic..
    it’s a shame you used poor analogy and example..
    great thought but you destroyed it with your own words…

    you had me at the description of energy transformation, but then you lost me at the Jew and Jainas..
    poor use of examples…

    please kindly think again before you write.. especially when using analogies or examples..

    anyway.. thanks for sharing your thought..

  22. Thanks for the link on facebook.

    With His Blessings,

    Yog Yatry

  23. Don’t you think this is a little too cut-and-dry?: “If sex is repressed, the person becomes violent — either to others he will be violent, or to himself. These are the two possibilities: either he will become a sadist and will torture others, or he will become a masochist and will torture himself. But torture he will.”

    “all the followers of Mahavira became the most greedy people in the world — they are the Jews of India.” – is that a joke?

    This is not uplifting or soul-nourishing information from Source or God. This is weird human logic.

  24. Way too much generalising, as not all ethnic groups conform to bigoted generalisations so not all repressed violence is bad or expressed sexuality good.

  25. I do appreciate your opinion on this article, I don’t agree 100% but I do agree with you more than I agree with this article. There is more to this world and to life that sex. If we could appreciate the small things in life and learn to enjoy our emotions, be them positive or negative rather than control

  26. … them we might find life more easy going. Our negative emotions are indicators to teach us that we’re missing something, like an empty void needing to be filled. If we could learn to sustain or emotions in moderation by doing what we can, when we should, we would find ourselves less agitated. Without the negative we cannot have the positive. I think Osho was just thinking of something to tell women so they would have sex with him. You guys are confusing a sage with well-spoken horny bastard.

  27. seriously they are the JEWS of india? does that mean they are holy AND good with money? since when does being good with money make you greedy? who are YOU to pass judgement on a whole race. maybe you want to round EVERYONE up and put them in camps. who in the hell are you???

    • YA! Well said.

    • relax. he’s just saying that jews have been known for being greedy with money. And they have! I’m a 100% jew and not offended. There’s nothing wrong with saying this, its not racist to point out a truth. It would be racist to believe that jews have greed inherent in their being. Osho would be the last to say that.

  28. Dear All

    This world is more complex than the words we have in our dictionary. Whenever anybody starts talking about the things, we don’t know, most of the times, we will pick the words without understanding the message flowing out of those words.
    Remember the words are to small to carry the divine meanings. You have to read between the line.

    All the above discussion is just about it. Who have understood the real meaning is praising and whosoever hasn’t, is talking about jains/jews or other mental blocks.

    My take is, if you like the stuff, its enjoy, if you don’t like it, ignore it and there can be a third acceptance level also, If you partially like it, choose your pick, leave rest.

    Also, people using inappropriate language are exposing themselves and the shows how worthy they are to post a comment. So don’t bother them.


    • Hello All,
      I must say, Davinder ROCKS. I totally agree with every point he makes.
      I understand that the only way to describe an idea is with metaphors. Without a ‘generalized’ story.. an example, then how would we get it? How would the idea/impression get through to us?
      I took the examples only as a way to grasp the idea.
      I know violent crime, and rape, were much more rare throughout history, than now. Until recent history, for a man to go outside his marriage for sexual release, was not problematic for families. To be in the profession of satisfying men also was not frowned upon. Until recent history, cultures understood the value of NOT punishing or stigmatizing for release of sexual energy. The health of a community depends on happy, not repressed individuals. I guess most men have a strong sex drive. If he is religious, then his task is huge. His task to repress his natural drive. Now his drive, although natural, is his source of self condemnation. Sense of unworthiness, weakness. He now is convinced he is unacceptable. Then he teaches his children that their nature is unacceptable.. and so on.
      Osho is teaching us to be free to feel. Have compassion for our SELVES, as natural creatures, with natural responses to unnatural lives. None of us can escape the laws of nature, none. Repression is learned, not natural. The reactions our unnatural discipline generally cause, are, (as we are all operating within the laws of human nature and nature) predictable. Metaphor choices aside, OSHO makes perfect sense in this to me. It rings true, and very profound……. to me.

  29. i would consider it more of an observation/ generalization than a racist comment. not all jews are greedy, true, but there are reasons why they are viewed as such. get into business with jews and see for yourself

    • @Mack:

      Agreed. There are reasons why every culture has generalizations attached to them.

      There is truth to every generalization. It’s not because one is greater than the other, it’s because there is cause an effect. Why do you think people of African decent in America have higher criminal records then most others from African decent in other countries? Because Africans were brought to America, were forced into slavery, then set “free”. They did not have education or know the language, let alone have a place to go, or means to support themselves. What do you think any human would do in those shoes? That human would probably lie, cheat or steal to get what they need to survive. That, along with lack of civil rights, or even shelter for these “freed” slaves over many decades, caused major cultural and integration dysfunctions that still exist today.

      It is our duty to see ourselves as individuals and how our culture has influenced our individuality. It’s time we took into account all generalizations and if there is something in ourself that we have picked up that we do not like, it’s time to evolve beyond the cultural conditioning. We cannot completely evolve without addressing these truths within our cultural background and within ourselves.

      I live in NY and I find it funny that people are calling each other racist for pointing out a cultural truth. In NY most of us accept the cultures and sometimes make fun of them, in a good way. For instance, I hear more Jewish people making fun of the Jewish culture and “zionist” culture than those who are not. Same with many other cultures. It seems that for fear of being racist we have repressed our truths along with others’ truths. I think people really need to stop taking such things so personally. I mean for some reason white people in America outside of NY still whisper “black guy” “black girl” etc, because they think they are being racist. How do you think a black guy explains which dude he talked to at the store that day? He’d say, “It was the white guy”.. “Puerto Rican guy”.. “Black guy”, etc.

      If you find OSHO offensive, you may want to choose to be offended by the Writing, Marketing and Casting industries. Imagine how racist they’d have to be to write and cast a part for anyone who is not of their ethnic or cultural background. And how racist they’d have to be to market an ad to a particular culture. Or how racist promoters must be to promote a nightclub event for Latins, Urbans (really means black ppl btw), Indian, Turkish, Jewish Singles, etc??

      If we get over taking things personally (which in essence is one trying to make oneself feel the importance they feel they are lacking) we can see how beautiful we all are with our different cultural backgrounds and personal perspectives.

  30. First off, Osho’s real name is Rajneesh – and he’s been dead for years. He comes from no tradition – he has no Master. Research Rajneesh.

    He is an interesting writer though, for a con-man.

  31. It’s really truth what Osho said in this speech, i’ve seen in myself. The people who has spoke against Osho ‘coz he used the jews as example, in my point of view, he is not being racist, just criticizing some attitudes in this people. Many jews, not all, feel them as untouchables or crystal dolls and if someone of us write or say why the sionists are killing to the palestians in their country or why we must consider them as the only victims of the II WW if many other people dies too, we are just racists or anti-semitics, wtf? I’m southamerican and i know how the rest of the world treats us and thinks about us and to me isn’t a problem, ‘coz i know me and i’m happy to be as i’m.

  32. love u osho

  33. It’s repression that invades the beast, sex is the package to deliver the message. What of watching the anger, the desires, the reactions, neither holding onto or sublimating the cravings and aversions, letting go without grasping.

  34. guys who really loved what osho thinks…….for them keep having sex….by the way sex can neva take away anger from anyone…its jus that ignorance is bliss for Mr osho……n if ppl calls him god for he teaches everyone to have sex for eliminating anger i wonder if God has to do sex for not to get angry……m jus simply amazed at how people njoy being in ignorance…..lemme tell u guys sex is not for recreation its for procreation…..the more u have sex the anger will neva eliminate the abdominal activities will rise…..sex will always remain sex it can neva turn into love…..sex is one such thing which triggers human mind …….n wen mind is not in control we ought to love such backin up converstion….from so called fake god…m sori but he has dogs mentality….coz dogs have sex wen they r not fighting or sleeping…….have sex for procreation n bringin up quality human not for fun….n plz analyze how many times do we get feeling of love while having sex……there is very thin line btween lust n love…..

  35. Great post, very insightful. I think the sex thing is natural and should be kept in balance, like all things. Not too much, not to little.

    Of course, there may be other things, other than sex, that may cause a person to be aggressive. But I think Osho was addressing aggression as a result of sex repression.

    Osho is a thinker, who searches inside himself for answers. Something we should all do. Doing what the next person does isn’t necessarily right for us, we have to work out what is right for us.

    Osho felt he was right about his options about Jews, and I am sure that most of us have our own personal truths. He accepts himself, we should accept that’s the way he feels, and we should accept the way we feel. If anyone goes out and causes violence because of his opinion, then the blame lies with the uncontrolled violent reactor, not Osho.

    It’s funny, all the great thinkers, religious, guru’s and the like are always condemned! including Jesus! Is it the speakers fault? Or the condemning people?

    Anyway! I like Osho. It’s good to share thoughts! I listen and enjoy.

  36. ashutosh mishra

    g8 post

  37. Needto Riseabove

    Did anyone look at the video before jumping up & down about “sex is good” or “no no – sex is bad!!!” – Osho says it so clearly – he wants everyone to understand what Sex & Death is – so you can rise above it all. Sex & Death are both attached with this body and true enlightening comes once you grow beyond everything that is related to this body. Including holding on to labels the world has given us – Jews, Jains, Hindus… all these are labels. Rise above this all.
    From all wise ones to all the “to-be” wise ones: Take the knowledge, awakening, experience of others only as theory – now go experiment yourself because true knowledge is within you. All the masters of the world – all they are trying to do is awaken the god within you. Dont even call him god – call him anything you like. It could be a her… it could be nature, it could be anything else you think is supreme and powerful – it is within. Start that inward journey. Lose the guilt. Lose the labels. Lose all anger, sorry, joy, frustration, hatred, worry… lose everything. Just be in bliss… if you have to hold on to something, hold on to love… for everything, for everyone – because our soul is made of love.

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